Shop Voltz and recharge with coffee!

 Shop Voltz and recharge with coffee!

Yes, our shop (the only one in the chain) is now open! Not what you’d expect to find at ‘yer average bike factory’ – but then at Voltz we’ve never exactly been icons of boring traditionalism…

Welcome to a new paradise for all you bike nutz, superbly stocked with Voltz bikes, scooters and assorted gadgetry of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention loads of cycling accessories and ice cool clothing…

  • Road, mountain, cyclo-cross, commuter, electric commuter Voltz bikes
  • Voltz scooters
  • Full service facilities, parts and accessories, clothing (Voltz gear)
  • Fantastic hill and forest trails just a stone’s throw away
  • Bang on Route 6 of the National Cycle Network.


The chance to Chill in our amazing ‘Handlebar Cafe’!

We’ve enlisted expert help on the beanz side, on the grounds (!) of ‘horses for courses’. We’ve entrusted our coffee bar to the safe hands of the awesome team from 200 Degrees – Nottingham’s fabulous artisan coffee roaster. Which means you’ll enjoy:

  • The finest beans, locally roasted (at 2000) – the freshest coffee for miles
  • ‘Handlebar’ trademark deliciousity, poured to perfection by boss baristas
  • Free wi-fi (with an aroma to die for)…
  • And CAKES!


Opening hours

Shut Wednesdays, and Sunday afternoons!